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* Fully qualified D.V.S.A  Female Driving Instructor.
* Complete beginner or returning to driving after a break?
* I specialise in courses for nervous learner drivers of all ages, or drivers returning after a break. Don't let age be a barrier to learning.
* Your lessons will be structured to your needs and at your pace. I have a friendly, patient and professional approach to teaching.
* Using a personal "Learner's Record" I will record your progress stage by stage working  through  the competencies and knowledge  required to complete each stage ensuring you will be trained to a level to ensure your capable of success for your driving test. 
* Courses for extended driving test which you have to take to regain your driving license after disqualification direct.gov.uk
  Taylor Made driver training is pleases to announce that we are now able to offer discounted insurance from National Learner Driver Insurance to those students who alongside lessons are wishing to do private practice. By having your own insurance it saves your parents having to worry about putting their no claims bonus at risk http://goo.gl/P0lbkA 

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1 Hour £20

1 1/2 Hour £30

Motorway lesson (per hour) £20

Pass Plus (six hour course) £150

Refresher lesson (per hour) £20

10 Hour block booking £190



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Telephone: 07940851581
If telephoning please allow a long ring, I might be driving or teaching. Your call is important to me and I will be trying to find a safe place to park.

Or you can email us at taylormadesom@hotmail.com


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Getting Started

What do I need? Before you can drive on the road you need a provisional driving licence which you can obtain 2 months before your 17th Birthday. Apply online  D.V.S.A or pick up a form from the Post Office.

How many lessons before I will be ready for my test? The DSA guide for the average number of  driving lessons required by someone to prepare for the practical driving test is one and half hours per year of age plus 22 hours private practice. This can vary according to the individual but may serve as a rough guide. A lot of emphasis is placed on the number of lessons, some will be ready in just a few lessons, some will need more. A lot depends on how much of the information as been absorbed and how capable the driver is. You can speed up the process by learning the theory behind the practical.

Do I need to pass my theory test before I can start driving? No, but it is a good idea to have studied the highway code before you start driving as it will make learning to drive much easier if you know the rules of the road. There is far more information in the highway code than just road signs, so do not study to pass an exam, study to learn the rules.
You will have to pass it before you can take your practical test.
You can book your theory test by telephoning 0300 200 1122 or online by clicking here

Where can I take my theory test? The nearest test center to Keighley for the theory is Bradford Theory Test Center Caspian House (1st floor) 61 East Parade Bradford Yorkshire BD1 5EP 


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Useful Information .

Practice for your Theory Test with the Driving Standards Agency - the people who set the driving tests. Click here for the D.V.S.A practice test.  DSA on Youtube 
l-plateYou can also practice the hazard perception test online at *driving-test-success.com  *theory-test.co.uk  
Try the RoSPA's Stopping Distance Simulator. 
Highway Code
Lots of videos from one of the most respected trainers Blaine Walsh (1) Pretty much every subject covered in this section, well worth watching Blaine Walsh (2) learner videos.

Cockpit drill
   Moving off and stopping  Starting and stopping smoothly   How do I change gear  Turning right at junctions
Junctions- Turning in right   Junctions- Turning in left  Emerging left
Some online help for your maneuvers 
Parallel Parking - Reverse Parking *Parallel Park Game * How math's can help us with parallel parking
Turn in the road  
Reverse Round the Corner
Bay Parking Do's & Don't's: Keep your speed SLOW Good observations & consideration to other road users/pedestrians Use mirrors properly to check position relative to the bay Make any positional or steering corrections BEFORE you enter the bay Don't touch or go over the white lines of the bay
Bay Park1   Bay Park Bay Park 3
 Roundabout film, .  *  Roundabouts * Roundabouts 
How do I book my driving test?
You can book your practical test by phoning 0870 0101 372 or click here to do it online. 
What the test will be like  DSA Youtube  
Keighley practical driving tests are conducted at Steeton test center.
Show me tell me  D.V.S.A  CBs in PDF format 
The Driving Test Report  DL25A   D.V.S.A
Top 10 reasons for failure D.V.S.A
Want to know what the pass rates are?
The DSA have provided a breakdown of the pass rates. At the time of writing Steeton is not included, but Skipton is. 
Car practical driving test operational statistics
OK, I have passed my test, now what?
Now your legal to drive on the road but take it easy, there’s still a lot of new areas you have still to cover, why not try Pass plus. The Pass plus scheme was introduced by the Driving Standards Agency in connection with most of the UK's insurance companies. The aim is to offer further training, delivered and assessed by your instructor, to help you improve your driving skills. 
The course will cover:- Town driving - Motorways - Country driving - Dual  carriageways - All weather driving - Night driving.
When your instructor is happy you have reached the required level in each of the topics, you will receive a certificate from the DSA which you can use to receive your insurance discount.
The course not only helps with the cost of your insurance but will considerably help your driving confidence and skill, giving you tips and assistance that normally takes years to learn. In many cases the discount received off your insurance far out ways the cost of this course and in many cases insurers are asking for this type of scheme to have been completed before they will insure you.
Click here to visit the Pass Plus web site. 
Pass Plus. Heavily discounted rates for pupils that trained with us. 
What's the point of P-Plates?
They show people you’re new on the road and most other drivers will give you a bit more time and consideration. Drivers in their first 2 years of driving after passing the test are at high risk! Over a thousand new drivers lives are lost each year on UK roads. New drivers only make up 7% of the drivers in the UK but have 12% of accidents that cause injury. After the first two years of a driver passing their test, research shows that the probability of having an accident that causes injury is nearly halved.
Blue Light Aware, what to do when emergency vehicles are around. Video 

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